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Christians and Conservatives are Stuck

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

by Pastor Donovan A. Larkins

The writing won't receive any fan mail because its the kind of content that hurts and may cause some to get angry and even bleed. I am a Christian and I am a conservative. But the communities I am addressing are made up of cowards. Not all, but many. Cowards and people who are full of hot air. Do nothings!!! The most action you can get out of some are, they will go to church and carry their bibles; Oh and tell people that Jesus loves them. They might stand up against abortion and speak out about the sin of killing babies. But no action like building a host of unwed mothers homes or starting schools for those mothers to learn parenting skills. In order to change this culture it requires action and proaction so they can have alternative. I am tired of conservatives promoting what the left is doing. We don't need for them to do that. All you have to do is turn on mainline media. They claim they are making a difference but in fact they are just being information distributors and evil promoters. I admire President Trump for starting a new social media platform. That will make a difference. Churches will have to get with it. Start some gardens, flip houses, start some farms and help raise healthy food. To change this culture it will require more courage than their last march on one of the killing centers!

To Be Continued.....

Stay tuned for live interviews addressing this subject!

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